A Diary Of A Mesowarrior #asbestos #mesothelioma -The COVID Vaccine in in my veins brilliant

Yesterday was a good day

Ray had taken a phone call last week to say he had to attend the Medical Centre for his COVID Vaccination and I was so jealous until a Mesowarrior told me to ask if they had any cancellations. So I altered my shopping delivery and told Ray I would come with him.

I was looking on our local Whitstable Face Book and there was a picture of the traffic queue to get into the centre so we set off earlier.

I was out in the fresh air only it was cold air, but I was out which is such a rare occasion at the moment.

Traffic where was the traffic?? We sailed through until we got to Estuary View and then we joined the queue but we were so happy to be there. It snaked all around car park just like the queues at the airport, it meant that everyone was able to get off the main road and not hold any traffic up that was passing through.

I started to get nervous as we approached the large covered area, What if they said no! The Royal Marsden wanted me to have it so I was clear for any trial that might appear, That kept me determined to ask.

A doctor approached and asked was it both and so I said I only 79 and have Cancer could I join in. Yes that was possible he said as we finish at 4 and we have enough vaccine. I was over the moon.

As Ray was the driver he needed to stay after the injection for 15mins so we were guided to the Portacabin and had to park up.

In this new queue we waited for our turn and then we sat down, answered all the questions and that was it on jab was in my arm, The miracle vaccine was on its way to do its work and make antibodies to knock this Pandemic that has changed everything we know as normal life.

Ray was soon done and we sat out in the car for our 15 mins.

Everyone was in a good mood and so much laughing it was just good to see.

I would like to thank all those that worked to get this day to happen. From the scientists, drug companies, those first patients that went through the trials, the fast tracing that was done was just brilliant and then a Huge thank you to everyone in the NHS but then a huge thank you to our local surgeries and all involved.

First pictures from inside a Kent vaccination centre show just how busy it is – Kent Live

A Diary of A Mesowarrior #asbestos #mesothelioma — Happy New Year 2021 is at last with us its a new world.

So we are now in the first week of the year 2021. I hope things improve but sadly we are now seeing so many friends and their families falling to COVID with this new variant and that means another lock down.

We had a very quiet Christmas and Im so pleased I got Netflex for company. I watched the whole series of The Crown and then many other brilliant films. I have never ever watched so much. Normally we are away in the Motorhome and always see New Year in at a site meeting. Oh how our life has changed !!

I went to the Royal Marsden for my scan and poor Ray had to stay in the car in the old for over 3 hours.

I said to a nurse that it causes so much tension for the patients leaving their carers in the car park and guess what? My phone wouldn’t work so I couldn’t let Ray know that I was having a long wait to have my port opened and then closed. I didn’t know I could get so mentally worked up. I know now.

I have trapped a nerve in my back so I was having a problem lifting my legs on and off the scan table. I was convincing myself the cancer was growing well on my spine. In my mind I’m was dying this is it I thought 2021 will see me leaving my wonderful world and my wonderful family. I talked myself into it.

So when I got a phone call yesterday saying we dont want you to travel all the way to the Marsden for the results will you take it on the phone. Well that was it I was right. Then i realised the Doctor was saying The scan was good its not changed to much from last time. Wow!! the blood rushed in my ears I could hear it throbbing. “How much has it grown” “1mm in just one area.”

Wonderful news so because of COVID they don’t want treatment to start as it is growing so slowly I can have my next scan at Kent and Canterbury and I can have my port cleaned as well so we can relax for a while and concentrate on Rays Lymphoma. He has appointments and will have Radiotherapy. The hospitals are so worried about putting patients into chemo.

So that’s the start of my year normally I look back on the year that has passed but 2020 has been the weirdest year for us all. Zooming is the in word and you on mute !! is the funniest sentence,

I have a wardrobe of clothes that are not being worn a poor car that doesn’t want to start it coughs to life when we turn the key. We have saved so much money as the fuel bill is zilch and also no train expenses.

I did join Manchester’s Well being meet and Joanne from DAST did a great move it or lose it on Zoom. It worked really well and at least I have moved.

I have been sitting this morning entering Dates in the Diary and Ray and I have written speeches for the Training Zoom dates we have so we carry on Zooming and Netflex this is our new world. Please stay safe XX

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A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #asbestos—- A Zooming End to the Year

Getting near to Christmas. Mine is going to be virtual as the COVID figures have rocketed here in Kent and the new strain has really took over. Our hospitals are full so its getting scary that if we do get it will there be enough equipment to treat everyone. Latest figures show there are 934 patients with Covid in hospitals across the county, compared to 622 during the Spring peak – a rise of 50%.

Government graph showing the rising number of patients being treated by the East Kent Hospitals Trust

They are calling people in for the vaccine but its for the over 80’s as nursing staff etc have of coarse got the first shots.

So we are staying home for Christmas as Rays Lymphoma is really playing up and his Doctor is arranging his Radiotherapy as she feels he should steer away from chemo.

Staying home is nothing new as we have bee doing that since March. Thank goodness for Zoom

I have been carrying on in many meetings some days 4 but it means I have been able to play a part in the World outside. Asbestos and Mesothelioma being my main conversation.

We had the Mavis Nye Foundation Party and that went well. We raised £347 for a raffle its amazing what you can do in this hard year. A Cornish Cream and Pastie Tea, Flower Bath Soaps and a Pen were won.

Then there have been quiz nights and even a magician which worked very well

MESSY A Yorkshire Support Group was good fun Simon Bolton is becoming well know for being a great quizmaster

Anglia Support Group Friday special Christmas virtual very festive

And Chris Massey Magic for a wonderful Magic Show!  National Association of Shopfitters NAS END OF YEAR QUIZ & INTERACTIVE MAGIC SHOW

So all in all we can still be connected in these troubled times.

All this leaves me to say Merry Christmas and thank you for all the support in 2020.

I dont know where we will be 2021 as what with COVID and Rays Cancer there now is my own Cancer to sort out so a very weird New Year is in front of us but we will overcome as that is what we humans do

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –Martin Bans is on a journey to raise Donations Funds for The Mavis Nye Foundation

Martin Bans Messaged me to tell me of his intentions to raise money for The Mavis Nye Foundation

I thought how wonderful and very kind. what will he do run or cycle to Brighton? I was shocked when he showed me of his intentions.

Cycling - Everesting and Hong Kong 300km

November 30 at 3:45 PM  · Over the weekend I managed to successfully complete my Everesting challenge in order to raise money for The Mavis Nye Foundation. It took over 15 hours, 9000 calories, 170km and some serious low points but thankfully managed to hold it together. Massive thanks to Lucy V Bans, best support crew as always! I’ll be partaking in more suffering and attempting my 2nd challenge in January, a 300km continuous ride around most of Hong Kong (Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Lantau Island). This is all in aid of raising money for the Mavis Nye Foundation. A charity that aims to raise awareness and help the fight against peritoneal and mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer. If you have any money to spare please donate, it’s for a great cause and it may be the only thing that gets me to the finish line.

Please support Martin and help now to get to the Finish line in Hong Kong in January 2021 he is already in Hong Kong so he is training already Hong Kong is all mountains and greenery, nothing like people think. I’m in Hong Kong, the 2 events are just organised between friends. Would be nice to go back to UK and see my cousin who was diagnosed few months back. Life goes on though and hopefully vaccines will be rolled out soon Martin has told me.

Thank you so much Martin you have already reached £2000 so we will head for £4000 now and I wish your team good luck but first Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

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A Diary Of A Mesowarrior living with #mesothelioma #asbestos a very interesting and unusual week

I saw this advertised https://www.kent.ac.uk/news/kentlife/27074/law-school-moving-mock-trials-online-enables-more-legal-professionals-to-attend

Kent Law School has looked to overcome social distancing restrictions by moving mock trials online. In doing so, this has enabled more students to witness law in action and for more legal practitioners, judges and magistrates to get involved.

Mock trials enable students to experience criminal law in practice and are normally held in the state-of-the-art replica courtroom in the Wigoder Law Building.

Stage 2 and 3 law students enrolled on the School’s Mock Trial Advocacy module have been preparing for trial, with the final mock Crown Court proceedings taking place via Zoom to ensure that as many students as possible are able to watch the trials or participate as members of the jury.

Darren Weir, Director of Lawyering Skills at Kent Law School, said the virtual environment has allowed for more members of the local legal community to get involved: ‘This year will see a total of 28 academics, judges, practitioners and Magistrates playing the roles of witnesses and judges in our Crown Court trials. Being online has certainly got its advantages in that that regard.

‘The advocate students will get a real sense of law “in action” and jurors will have an opportunity to discuss the merits of each case with their contemporaries before reaching a verdict on the evidence. Both groups will be better able to evaluate the role of an advocate and to critically reflect on how the process has its place in society.’

Eleven cases will be heard throughout November and December, with each trial lasting up to three hours. Students volunteering their time as jurors, Court Clerks, ushers or witnesses will be rewarded with employability points.

The Mock Trial Advocacy module enables students to gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of the techniques used in trial advocacy. As well as being able to demonstrate skills in persuasion, case preparation and analysis, students learn how to question witnesses effectively.

Now everyone who really knows me I was so interested in such a On line event.

COVID 19 has a good side to it as so much has been open to me as Im a Hon Doctor at the University I just had to take the bull by the horn and ask if I could sit in it.

Imagine my excitement when the email came back that not only could I sit in would I like to be a Juror. Would I? I jumped at it, knowing my good friends at 12KBW and Harry Steinburg QC would find it a great idea.

Tuesday I sat in on a case of Homophobic. A man goes to the toilet in a pub and another follows him carrying his beer glass. He reckoned he accidently raises his arm to fight off a blow as the othe man head butted him, so in-defense the glass hits the man doing a lot of damage to the face.

Now I found him guilty as A if he lifted his arm it to ward of a head butt the glass would have gone into the forehead not on the side of the face where all the damage was caused.

We went off into a room where all the jurors met and we discussed every angle and we returned to the court to report our verdict.

On Wednesday It was really great.

I was allowed in on a sexual assault case.

I sat through all the case and listened to some really funny questions. Then the Jury went to the room and the QC said there is a juror that hasnt gone in. I realised that I was still a juror oops. I quickly went into the room.

We went through the evidence and because the young girl in the restaurant working with a rather randy chef. had her blouse tucked in and an apron on how could he have groped her. I truly thought that as the chefs girlfriend walk in on them and kissed the chef that it was a case of jealousy and we all agreed.

We came up with a not guilty.

Now at 5pm they had a second court that I was differently not on the Jury. It was the same case with all new young students that really went to town and asked so many questions a different story came out and the chef really thought as a French man he was Gods gift to women and loved to grope women and they loved it.

He was guilty that was for sure and the jury came back with that verdict.

I was asked what I had thought of it all and I talked about my different verdicts and why. They found that interesting.

So that was it a very unusual 2 days that Im so pleased to have taken part in.

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A Diary Of A #Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — #Actionmeso has been launched

Remember the date 30th November 2020 https://www.actionmeso.org/

This was the date that all the asbestos and mesothelioma world came together on Social Media Im so very proud to have played a small part in helping to bring all this to fruitarian. So many people have put a lot of hard work into this Launch but Im so proud that Charities, Support Groups, Asbestos groups and Companies, Mesothelioma Warriors, Nurses, it really is to many to list which is a real achievement. I will keep you all up to date as we work towards July 7th Action Mesothelioma Day

#ActionMeso is a campaign that brings together the diverse mesothelioma community with a single voice.

It is the first time that so many patient support groups and charities have joined forces to raise awareness of mesothelioma.

Our aim is also to get the rest of the mesothelioma community on board including patients, carers,

healthcare & legal professionals together with the

asbestos removal firms and the construction industry.

Basically, we want as many people as possible to come together.​

We are calling for action to be taken to

eradicate this incurable but preventable disease.

What does #ActionMeso hope to achieve?​

We have two clear goals…AWARENESS and ERADICATION:

1. Make every person in the UK aware of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos2. Eradicate mesothelioma and asbestos: Promote the Mesothelioma Patient Charter to healthcare providers, the Government and employers as the action we expect them to take

How do we plan to achieve these goals?​

We are planning a series of activities to raise awareness of mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos under the hashtag #ActionMeso.

These will lead to major events, Action Mesothelioma Days (AMD), that we hope will capture the public’s imagination and reach a significant number of people outside of the mesothelioma community.​

The 2021 event will be held virtually and will be a national occasion to bring mesothelioma to the attention of the general public. AMD has always had a memorial aspect and we want to change the tone to be hopeful and positive and create the platform for 2022.

We are hoping that the 2022 event can be held in person and

we are looking to have a national event across the country.​

Our campaign will be brave, honest and different.

BUT we need your help to really get behind this……​

Please, please get involved however you can even if

just by spreading the word about what we are doing.​

Please subscribe so we can keep you

informed as to what is happening and how you can help.

Together we can make a difference.

#asbestos#mesothelioma destroys the lives and loves of many generations. Join #actionmeso campaign to Promote the Mesothelioma Patient Charter @UKMesoAlliance to healthcare providers, Government and employers #erasemeso

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos –This weird life goes on and on

A Colorful Looping Roller Coaster On A Beautiful Sunny Day

Life has been like a roller coaster

The weeks of lockdown go on and on. Ray and I are getting very frustrated with it. We stay home so much that when we do go for a walk we feel as if we are in a dream world. Today as we walked people stand back and to one side and make you feel that you so alone and mustn’t be in your space. It is a weird world out there, Im always so pleased when I get back in doors into safety. I hope this doesn’t go on for much longer. I have never suffered with my mental side of my head and this feeling of not being wanted in the world does get to you.

I sink myself into my cyber world where Im safe as I can just log out if anything upsets me.

Now we have been put into Tier 3

The government has announced details of the new three-tier system that will come into effect in when the four-week national lockdown across England ends on 2 December.

Non-essential shops in all areas can reopen, as can gyms, hairdressers and other personal care businesses, with the formal instruction to stay at home coming to an end. The “rule of six” will again apply for outdoor gatherings in all areas.

Places of worship will be able to open and weddings will be allowed within local restrictions.

Hospitality venues will have to close, except for delivery and takeaway service. In tier 3, hotels and other accommodation providers must also close, except for specific work purposes where people cannot return home. Outdoor sports, including golf and tennis, will be allowed to continue in all tiers, as will amateur team sports such as football. Unlike the first two tiers, spectators will not be allowed to watch sport in tier 3. You must not meet socially indoors or in most outdoor places with anybody you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble, this includes in any private garden or at most outdoor venues. Even at other outdoor spaces such as parks or beaches you must not socialise in groups of more than six.

We have decided to put Christmas on hold my family have all made the decision so we keep safe. My son wanted to come down and camp in the garden bring a cooked dinner to warm in the micro oven -I know he means well but goodness how could I say yes to that so we will just zoom one another. When we have had the vaccine then we can relax and mix again. They year has been a wash out so we might as well just close 2020 down and pray that 2021 brings hope of a normal life.

So we have kept busy with wonderful meetings on Zoom and had a great laugh with friends, companies and support groups and webinars also.

I have been in a training class with asbestos awareness where young people were learning about the dangers and how to protect themselves safely. When I book to go to these meeting they always want me to talk about my journey and Ray joins in this happened at the Zoom with a good friend Chris Bishop Managing Director at AT&C (Asbestos Training & Consultancy) Ltd and Lorraine Shepherd

Asbestos Market Statistics and Research Analysis Released in Latest Industry Report 2020 | COVID19 Impact Analysis With Top Manufacturers Analysis: Shree Firepack Safety Private Limited, Samarth Industries, Balaji Enterprises, Pune, etc.1 Reaction

https://lnkd.in/d_EV6bd The realities of exposure to Asbestos We were honoured to have Dr Mavis Nye (hon) BCAh and her husband Ray Nye talk on our Asbestos Awareness Online course via Virtual Classroom c/o Zoom on 23 November, delivered by Chris at AT&C. Lorraine sent me a thankyou card with a picture of Ray and I in the Zoom session -very sweet of her xx

I have been filmed for so many meetings and had columns written about us so all in all we have been busier than when life was normal and all done from out office so life has become so different.

The one that stands out for me is BOHS FAAM as Im a advocate for them I do normally look forward to going away in a grand hotel and attend a conference. I was there at the Launch as I was IOSH and I always retweet and share on my social media all they do

BOHS Launch of the New Faculty of Asbestos Assessment and Management (FAAM) – YouTube

A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — My Life of Zooming

Its been a time since I sat down and wrote my blog.

Im trying to keep life normal amongst the chaos that is going on around us.

We have been confined to our house again because of COVID not that I was happy to go out and about anyway. We did have a couple walks and must admit it was lovely to be able to chat to our neighbours. We did go on a drive to charge the car battery up and it was weird to see life was carryon as normal in the wild world.

SO what have we been doing . Zooming Zooming Zooming. It has been our salvation. So many people have contacted us to Interview us and also we have been invited to talk in Webinars etc our time has been going so fast each day.

We have been involved with some lovely people that I wished we could have met up with and had a coffee together, instead its a wave and “your on mute”

We did have a lovely meeting with Kent Uni as they have opened up a wonderful medical school and so they asked us along to the webinar.


We went on virtual tours it really is a wonderful building and at times looks like a hospital all very exciting

So this weekend I have caught up on all the house work I have been a housewife and not a asbestos activist standing on my soap box or writing articles to have published.

Christmas is around the corner so I have been doing more on line shopping which I’m so sorry for our High Street it is a shame that I dont want to go shopping as Im missing the fun but the virus is so deadly to us Mesowarriors we just can take the risk.

So now we are going into another week and I will be holed up in our Office with our computers again Hope you all have a great week ahead.

Today was Remembrance Day like no other. No Military marching. We were asked to stand on our doorsteps for a minute silence so we did this and Ray wore his service meddle. Old Soldiers always look so proud and Ray was as he saluted. Remembering!!


A Diary Of A Mesowarrior living with #mesothelioma#asbestos Busy Zooming still and a party night at Royds Withy King @RWKIDTeam

The weird days are going on and on but we are tucked in safe as we have no hospital appointments. We are not divorcing either ha ha !! Is a wonder as we have only our own company each day.

Now the second wave is coming for the winter so its a case of pulling up the draw bridge and staying behind the door.

Thank goodness for Zoom.

We had a great evening last week as Royds Withy King held a competition.

We are launching a Vintage themed Poster Competition to raise funds for mesothelioma charities. All you need to do is recreate your favourite vintage poster – using props, costumes, pets..!

Will you be the iconic Rosie the Riveter “we can do it” – you may decide to “Dig for Victory“ instead – or maybe “Fit Men Wanted“ is more your style!!

We had a laugh and it really was a party atmosphere a great successful evening.

The Spitfire one which was great as it does really depict the wartime so well everyone loves the spitfire. This one actually did carry my name under the wing as Royds Withy King team had sent my name in to be carried on the wing alongside so many other names and then the plane flew all around Kent to say thankyou to the NHS and i say a huge thank you to

Jennifer Seavor@jennifer_seavor

helen childs@HelenChilds_rwk for arranging this fun night

Then the rest of the week I also had research Zooms with Surrey Research, Kent Macmillan as a patient rep to help put together a chart for the GPS 2 week wait.

Monday I popped into HASAG Coffee morning so it is great to talk to so many friends I was made so welcome and it was great to be able to talk about how we were feeling in the lock down.

The diary is full for November so I have a lot to look forward to I will report back.

A Diary of a Mesowarrior living with #Mesothelioma #Asbestos — A busy week of zooming and webinar

Its been a hectic week trying to keep a my from thinking to much about hospitals and treatment. I have had a phone call and I now know my scan is Dec 30th and my Scan is Jan 26thso that’s all booked. Christmas is free and I can snuggle in with the family.

Last Friday was Mesothelioma UK Patient Carer Day and it was great on Zoom. I spent the day in the office glued to the computer.

One week ago we held our 15th annual Patient & Carer day (virtually) and were pleased to be joined by almost 200 viewers.

We’re grateful to our speakers who talked about the latest on mesothelioma clinical trials, treatments and research.

For anyone who missed it, or if you’d like to watch again, the videos of the event are available on our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

We had our son and DIL visiting on Sunday and I managed to cook great Lamb Hocks mashed potato and peas it was lovely and the whole day was very enjoyable. Love having face to face contact we really miss that.

An Asbestos All Party Meeting at the House of Commons with MPs involved was really interesting but sad to learn that people making claims for DWP Scheme has been held up. Dast have said 250 claims are still pending to be processed by the Department of Work and Pensions for victims of asbestos related diseases. These figures are purely from groups who are members of the Forum, the true number will be many more. Furthermore, it is believed that at least 16 victims have, sadly, died before receiving their entitlements to Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB). We demand assurances from the Government that they will take action to resume processing these claims without any further delay.

There are further injustices, the Workers Compensation Scheme (lump sum) awards are based on the percentage awarded at the IIDB medical and the person’s age at the time the IIDB is awarded and not the date the claim was made. This inevitably means, with the ongoing delays, victims will be older by the time they receive their payments and, therefore, missing out on compensation.

We need assurances that the Government will give a timetable of when these claims will resume.

So if any of the Mesowarriors are waiting please contact DAST this just isnt fair.

Another great Zoom was with IOSH where a dear friend gave a wonderful talk on Face Masks Gary Pharo really knows about masks and with so many counterfeit ones we do have to be careful as they are so dangerous.

So here we are at a Friday and I had to catch up on the housework that I had neglected its worse than being at work before I retired

Mavis Nye Foundation News letter https://ramos72.wixsite.com/mnf-news-page?fbclid=IwAR0UGi-b7tYUeHeEgWcmRXtK-v–LlwTWYGD_2fBr7903_yj9GFOptcJcAA

. https://www.mavisnyefoundation.com/my-donate-page.html