The other side of the coin.

A view from my side as a carer.

Our 49th Wedding anniversary was supposed to be a good day, a day one should remember with all the other anniversaries. Well it’s easy for me to remember this one. Mavis had just been to the doctors with severe breathing difficulties. Go home and wait for me to phone you he said. So we waited and the call came. I have secured you a bed in Kent and Canterbury Hospital, so make your way there as soon as you can.

Our friend drove us there because we did not have our own transport, only our Motorhome and to park in the hospital car park with that was no easy task. When we arrived I thanked my friend said I would be staying on for a bit. So I sent him home. After we found the correct ward and were greeted by a nurse, Mavis was quickly found a bed. I remember joking with the nurse, what a way to spend our anniversary I said.

Little did either of us know just what sort of nightmare journey we had just embarked on?. I Eventually had to leave. The house was quiet and empty except for Louis our dog. I sat and talked to him. I told him mummy would not be home tonight. It turned out to be several nights. After drains had been fitted and biopsies and lots of tests. The dreadful day arrived when I was visiting and Mavis said the Doctor tried to talk to me this morning its not good news so I asked him to wait until you were hear. Ok I said I would tell him I am hear.

Eventually he came to the bedside. He said we have the biopsy reports back from your cultures. There are only 2 reasons for your present condition. One is a lung infection, the other is mesothelioma. We have discounted a lung infection he said. You have mesothelioma. So what’s that we asked him he said it’s a terminal Cancer of the lungs. That hit me like a head on crash on a motorway. You said terminal. Yes he said there is no cure at present. The prognosis is 3 months. He left us. We sat together on the bed. 3 month left together. My brain was now in a mess. Soon visiting time was over and the journey home on the bus took forever. I sat staring out of the window; oblivious of the noise the bus load of school kids was making.

That evening was the saddest day of my life. Mavis must be mortified in there now on her own. I was now crying and cursing. Dinner, who wants dinner. I remember I fed Louis but he sensed things were not right. His mummy was still not home and his daddy was in a state. They feel these things. I remember I went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. I was up and down like a yo-yo.

I got up at 3 am and took Louis for a walk around the beach. The tide was splashing on the sands. But I was crying I could hardly see the sea. Oh God how am I going to live without the most precious thing in my life. I thought in 12 weeks life for both of us will be over. 12 weeks that’s all we have. But due to a life belt being thrown to us Mavis was offered an operation called the talcum op where the lung is sprayed with talcum. Next we had radiation and finally Chemo. The Chemo was bad but we had by now passed the dreaded 3 months. We decided that we would make every day count for however long we have together.

We are now in our 18-month since that doctor’s mind numbing news. I wake up every morning and I am so glad when I see her stir we have another day together. I watch her when she nods off in the chair and when she wakes again. I treasure every single minute we are together. My life has changed since that fateful day. I pretend to myself that its all a dream and I will wake up and see its all been a dream. I am in denial. Its my only way of dealing with this. But our last scan shows the tumour has shrunk. That result was like winning the lottery. I feel that I have aged so much this past year. I can see it in the mirror I feel it in every bone. But as long as Mavis continues to remain stable then I am a young man again and she is my flower. I am grateful for every minute we can still have together.

Im so pleased we haven’t gone away for the holiday as my son and DIL have decided to come and stay for the weekend.

That really pleases me as its rare to have them stay with us ever since they moved away so I have planned a nice meal on Saturday and then we will go out together Sunday.

They will be trying out and christening our bed settee. I have wanted to do that and never got around to it so now we will see how comfortable it really is.

I will pop out today and buy new pillows and a duvet.

I cant believe I have bought a set of saucepans that are so naff but I have. They have burnt the bottom on making a stew yesterday and the red has gone to orange so I have to buy some more.

I had a very productive day catching up with booking the Hotel for the Mesothelioma UK Patients and Carers Day Oct 4th. Im talking alongside Professor Dean Fennel. Brian Sullivan (Verastem) and Dominic of Saatchi Bill.

The 2014 team of the Saatchi Bill Launch day. Im really looking forward to meeting them again.

I will leave you to read Rays blog on how I lost the remote in bed and we had to search our bedroom out to find it. The crazy things we do amazes me.

Rays Blog

candle 2









We say good night to a lovely Mesowarrior as I have just recieved a message from Ian.
Sandra, who has battled with Meso since diagnosis November 2012 passed away very peacefully at St Wilfrids Hospice on Friday 15th August.
Hugs to you Ian and to your wonderful children Jack and Zoe Naylor at this sad time. Sandra was a brave Mesowarrior xxxx


It makes me so sad to loose another warrior and yet it boosts me on to keep fighting and seeing through this MK3475 Trial as it does seem to be hopeful. I would love to be the one to show the way on something that is going to win our war and I wish we all could have a chance at the drug.

Phase 2 trials might come in next year but what I would like and will fight for is that the drug is Fast Tracked, it does take time and thats what we mesowarriors have not got –TIME is running out and we need to halt the clock.

They can Fast Track if a drug is so good and at the moment MK3475 is giving wonderful results on all trials, not just on Mesothelioma but on all cancers.

Immunotherapy is really looking good and there are no side effects like Chemo which is to our advantage.

A new report I have found———-

BMS  and Celgene to research Cancer Immunotherapy Combo

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is to advance its efforts in cancer immunotherapies via a collaboration with Celgene.

The partnership will see the two companies study a combination of BMS’ anti-PD1 drug Opdivo (nivolumab) and Celenge’s cancer drug Abraxane (paclitaxel).

The combination will be investigated in a phase I study across multiple tumour types, including HER-2 negative metastatic breast cancer, pancreatic cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

“Through this collaboration, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Celgene will work together to advance the science and understanding of how the body’s own immune system and chemotherapy might work together to fight cancer,” said Michael Giordano, senior VP, oncology development, BMS.

Many companies are turning to cancer immunotherapies as the next advance in oncology treatment, with much of the focus on anti-PD1 therapies. Companies that have promising candidates in this class include Merck & Co with the highly promising pembrolizumab, Merck Serono with MSB0010718C and AstraZeneca with MEDI4736.

BMS remains to only company to have an anti-PD1 therapy approved in any country in the world, however, following the decision by regulators in Japan to recommend Opdivo as a treatment for patients with melanoma that is not treatable with surgery.

Opdivo’s rivals are not far behind – Merck & Co’s pembrolizumab is under review in Europe – and the potential for a combination treatment with Abraxane could give BMS a vital edge in the anti-PD1 race.

Positive study results would also benefit Celgene, which currently markets Abraxane as a treatment for pancreatic cancer and metastatic breast cancer.

The phase I trial is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2014 and will be conducted by Celgene. Different combinations will be tested in different indications: patients with HER-2 negative breast cancer receive Abraxane and Opdivo; patients with NSCLC will receive Abraxane, carboplatin and Opdivo; and patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma will be treated with Abraxane, gemcitabine and Opdivo.

Markus Renschler, global head of haematology and oncology medical affairs, Celgene, said: “We believe that Abraxane is appropriate as a combination partner for novel immuno-oncology therapies due to its proven anti-tumour activity and that it can be administered without steroid premedication.”

Additional details of the collaboration were not disclosed.





Waking up at home today seemed so weird. you open your eyes and for one minute you think where am I. Then you realize you are sleeping in your home and not the motorhome where you wake up and take the dog for a walk in the field and there is always an early riser to call good morning too.

I miss all my friends as we do have a lot of fun together.

It is also very hard to get moving as every bone aches from all the exercise of walking.

Slow breakfast and then tidying up all takes time and the morning soon goes.All the washing is dried and now put away so we have caught up with all the unpacking.

It was lovely to go to the park and Louis ran around so mad and fast to catch his ball. With so many dogs at Malvern he is always on a lead so to release him today was so good and he seemed to really appreciate the fact.

I then bought him home and shut him in the house so I could go shopping as i had such a lot of meet to buy to stock up the freezer again.

Lots of new recipes to try out so Im looking forward to cooking meals.

Our lovely Angela is in the papers as she arranges a Balloon day

balloon day x









Please register ASAP, as we will have a restriction of how many balloons we can release.

Details of how to register and pay for the balloons only.

Go to your own online bank account and make follow the banks links to transfer the money. Enter these details below

1 – Name of person or company – A Caulfield

2 – account no 11277663

3 – sort code 110028

4 – Their reference (this is very important) Put your full name as this is the only way I know you have paid, this will be the name you use when collecting the balloon on the day.

Minimum donation for a balloon is £5


1 – any mistakes cannot not be rectified, so please be careful when entering the details, as I am not resposposible

2- any donation less than £5 will not buy u a balloon, and just be given to st marys as a donation

3- All donations must be made in full and not part payments

4 – one donation= one balloon

5 – if u require more than one balloon please donate indivdually for each balloon (dosen’t matter if u use the same name)

6 – I am not responsible of any transactions that are not completed properly in any way or and not not reached the account by the below date

7 – please allow 3 working days for the money to reach the account, your names and details will not be given to third parties.

8 – I will not be listing on fb who has paid, but if you are wanting confirmation please pm and I will return a like (thumb), but this will not be done daily but I will get back to you when I can.


You can drop of the min donation in a sealed envelope with your full name and address either at

Gas bagz
Theatre bar or
Furness mail offices on abbey Road

This is Ebola and the drugs are being fast tracked which is really backing the Saatchi Bill and all it has been asking for.

The World Health Organisation approving untested treatments for Ebola has prompted an interesting debate.Listen again to the BBC Radio 4 PM programme where Eddie Mair asks: ‘If it is justified to use untested treatments for Ebola why not for cancer or other conditions?’


Free Club Stickers

We travelled to Malvern to have a great time with all our Fun Friends and Maverick Campers as well.

The Mavericks are a Facebook Forum.

The sun shone and it has been really warm at times but has turned colder today but at least we had a fine time away.

arial photo












Chris Grew had the Drone camera in the air and he took this great picture. If you click on it you will see our Clubman a bit clearer. Its the 5th row from the road and 4th row along. She looks small to the larger ones around us ahhh!!

I did manage to walk so well around the show so that has made a lot of difference from walking with a walking frame. This Drug has worked wonders.

The rest of the photos speak volumes. Rays Blog


We had a great time at the Malvern Country and Western Motorhome Show having traveled up from Kent to stay with our family for a night and then on to Malvern. A great journey except following a cattle truck we never realised the oil coming out of the back was in fact Cow wee and we arrived covered in a wonderful layer. poo!!!!! 

ray and I









The Gangs all here bless them.

table top sale











Frank selling him self in the table top sale (No takers I believe  ha ha !)


We sat around in the sun watching everyone settle in


Yes an RV carries this inside everywhere they go and I thought it was a real horse for the minute.


Love the shows that are put on and the history of the west is told


These reenactments are carried out each day. 3 times a day.


The costumes are so splendid and they really look so real


A friend of a friend does take part.


The Chairman of C&CC encourages people to join the group and we had a catch up with Brian


Ahh he spots us and we also spotted his wife. Kathie –Hi There xx


The band strikes up in the Fun Tent and we have a great evening of entertainment. A great time was had by all and I had loads to drink.


Viv and I –cheers!!!


Jock and Rita enjoying the day


Chris and Claire Linda and Tony all enjoying fun.


The evening got underway


Sonja Kevin and Frankie joined us


Rose bashing Tony for a Toffee Vodka


Doc Haliday seemed to be with us


Chris forever the photographer.





































I joined the backing girls.








Goodnight Robbie Williams and thankyou for all the laughter  you have given me










We say goodbye to  John Beddoes a wonderful brave Mesowarrior. Love to Pauline and Family xxx

t has been a day of emails and phone calls with so many messages on Facebook. Lots of celebrating and so many kind words.

Now I have to carryon and hope this wonderful shrinkage goes on and on.

I can now realax until the next scan.

I do get the number of the trial muddled. Phase 1B study of MK-3475-28 I still cant find any publication of my Mesothelioma trial I have the Marsden sheets thats all.

I forgot Im also on a Future Biomedical Research Sub Study.

Thats why everything they take from my body-all fluids, blood samples, tissue samples etc etc they keep as I have signed myself over as a true guinea pig.

The purpose of my study is to find out more about what causes disease and the difference in the way people respond to drugs. The look at the samples and how the relate to the way drugs work and relate to human disease and health.

They study my genes which are found in my DNA.

Also the patterns of those genes by studying My RNA

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is a family of large biological molecules that perform multiple vital roles in the coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes. Together with DNA, RNA comprises the nucleic acids, which, along with proteins, constitute the three major macromolecules essential for all known forms of life. Like DNA, RNA is assembled as a chain of nucleotides, but is usually single-stranded. Cellular organisms use messenger RNA (mRNA) to convey genetic information (often notated using the letters G, A, U, and C for the nucleotides guanine, adenine, uracil and cytosine) that directs synthesis of specific proteins, while many viruses encode their genetic information using an RNA genome.

Some RNA molecules play an active role within cells by catalyzing biological reactions, controlling gene expression, or sensing and communicating responses to cellular signals. One of these active processes isprotein synthesis, a universal function whereby mRNA molecules direct the assembly of proteins on ribosomes. This process uses transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules to deliver amino acids to the ribosome, whereribosomal RNA (rRNA) links amino acids together to form proteins.

Each person has the same set of genes – about 20,000 in all. The differences between people come from slight variations in these genes. For example, a person with red hair doesn’t have the “red hair gene” while a person with brown hair has the “brown hair gene.” Instead, all people have genes for hair color, and different versions of these genes dictate whether someone will be a redhead or a brunette. Genes can also determine how we handle different drugs and if we are at higher risk os certain diseases like cancer.

So they are testing me for all the genetic diseases or find out if Im at risk of having a genetic disease.

Fascinating stuff and I always wanted them to look at my genes and Rays to see why I have Mesothelioma and he doesnt.

My samples will be stored for 20 years to be used and then destroyed. Its a shame but I wont get any results. But hey Im just pleased Im helping. it tickles me they will save my wee samples for years –phewwww !!!

All very interesting.

I really thought that as Liz from Meso Uk had helped it would be portrayed so well. Ray said today. After hearing Donna would die this week, Its an insult to all you mesowarriors and carers and Im very unhappy about it. He surprised me as I didnt know he was watching it. What a shame. So much awareness but a very bad job.

I will get very angry as I watch but watch I will.

Ray hasnt written his blog yet so I will get him to write his feelings tonight x

We did get out with Louis in the park and had a walk in the wind. I did manage it and breathing was easier.

Came home and a lady from garden squirrels called as i had phoned her. We went through all the things that I wanted out of my front garden so plans have been made to tidy the garden.

Plans  love them it gives you a future.





Last night and early this morning we had a super moon and it was brilliant.









This was a lovely picture in the paper today.

Will be looking tonight to see the space station as My son said it was ready to dock the cargo ship and he saw them at 10.30 pm last night

Europe’s final robot cargo ship to the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled to dock today – its manoeuvres webcast live from several angles, France’s CNES space agency has said.

The automated transfer vehicle (ATV), the fifth and last that Europe had pledged for lifeline deliveries to the orbiting outpost, was blasted into space on July 30 from Kourou in French Guiana.

Weighing in at more than 20 tonnes, the double decker bus-sized craft is carrying the biggest-ever payload of more than 6.6 tonnes, including fuel, water, oxygen, food, clothes and scientific experiments for the six ISS crew.

Having navigated its way to the ISS by starlight, the craft is set to dock with its target at a height of about 400 km above the Earth at 11:30pm AEST today.

I was trying to calm my nerves and get some sleep by 10.30pm, I had a bad night but I did wake up at 4am so hung until 4.45 to finally get up and get ready for the journey to the Royal Marsden.

They were pleased I was early arriving so they could bleed me (the sister actual said that) before they go to their meeting

Alistair arrived with Liz his wife and he had his blood taken. We sat in the waiting room for the Doctor. My blood, for Biochemistry, had the red cells break up and mix back with the white causing a pink mix instead of separating white and red cells.

I had a retake which put me back.

I saw the Doctor and he was well pleased with me for saying I felt so well and Im getting more exercise. Done a bit of gardening and been camping.

Oh you haven’t been told about your scan results yet.Looking on the computer all my bloods were excellent and my scan? He stared close at the computer and read ——

Shrinkage on all areas. my Chest tumour has shrunk from 76-67mm and the other marker tumour 42-36mm. The mass at the bottom of my Left Lung has shrunk as well.

They are have a meeting tomorrow about the results and will then confirm it for me in writing.

We all beamed and smiled and I said, My Wonderdrug has worked hasnt it. “Yes it has well done”

My doctor celebrate its wonderful news..

He must have gone out and told the Sister as she and then a nurse came and saw me and said Its great news.

The Medical team are so surprised and so happy.

He is very pleased also with the way Im looking after my Cisplatin damaged legs. Grade 1 bilateral leg oedema as I did stupidly dig a stem of a plant in it and took the skin off a small area. The fluid runs out at first but I keep it clean and covered and he said it will take a time to heal. I really am cross with myself for doing that.

(Edema is observable swelling from fluid accumulation in body tissues. Edema most commonly occurs in the feet and legs, where it is referred to as peripheral edema. The swelling is the result of the accumulation of excess fluid under the skin in the spaces within the tissues. All tissues of the body are made up of cells and connective tissues that hold the cells together. This connective tissue around the cells and blood vessels is known as the interstitium. Most of the body’s fluids that are found outside of the cells are normally stored in two spaces; the blood vessels (as the “liquid” or serum portion of your blood) and the interstitial spaces (not within the cells). In various diseases, excess fluid can accumulate in either one or both of these compartments.)

We went for a coffee and Alistair was there and he said how did you get on. He was scared to ask in case I had bad news but he had Stable so we both were very happy.

Back in the waiting room we waited and waited. talking to other patients. My friend JO who works at the Royal Marsden came to ask and we had a big cuddle as I shared the good news.

Alistair at last went for his drug but mine was delayed as the blood test had delayed it. They had a busy day in Pharmacy. Everyone kept apologising but I was getting fed up when it got to 4.15pm and I said to Ray come on im going in and chase it up.

The nurse phoned up and it was at last made up, she went and collected it. Im glad in the end as we had a long chat out trials.

The wont get any results for the MK375 PDL1 until all 375 patients show results and they have a mixture of cancers.

The evidence is collected and then if good there will be Phase 2 trials set up.In the future.

I can go on and on with the drug as long as Im well and it is still working.

With my wonder drug inside me I could go home at last 5pm and the rush hour on the M25 and 26 and 20 and 2 wasnt a good thought.

We were right as a lorry had broken down and had to be towed off so the M25 was so so slow for 2 junctions and then wonderful and free running. I said to ray this is great and he said “ye it is they are all behind us” “Oh yes”

We finally got home and I got dinner on and we sat down 7pm what a long long day but a wonderful day.

Rays Blog






I start with a request from MARF

Ladies and Gentleman, I am very interested in having a discussion with nurses who have mesothelioma. Please contact me











Its been a very busy day for me. Book writing is very hard as so much has happened to me since the end of my last book. I hope to keep going through the winter and maybe publish next year.

I have pulled something off for a Conference that Im thrilled about and will share later on in September, before if they publish the program soon.

Well the Mesowarriors are having a great time  in Chelmsford. I knew they would of coarse when the gang gets together they always have a great time. It raised a point for me that they are mainly daughters and sons and carers we dont have many sufferers going to these meet ups.

I know so many are in chemo and are suffering and I think we should raise a glass to them. So brave and so thought about.

rose and butterfly









Photo: Everyone raising a glass to Mavis Nye Linda Thomas Jan Weston Linda Reinstein Judith Turnbull Andrea Bayles-Gungabissoon Mandy Reynolds Claire Heath Tracy Gove and everyone else who cudnt make it xxx

Everyone raising a glass to Mavis Nye Linda Thomas Jan Weston Linda Reinstein Judith Turnbull Andrea Bayles-Gungabissoon Mandy ReynoldsClaire Heath Tracy Gove and everyone else who couldn’t make it xxx










I bet the town will rock tonight when these all get out there.

Our Brave Sisters Karryanne and Stacey who lost there Dad to Meso and then their Mother and then on top of all that Karry had to deal with breast cancer. She is my hero bless her as she has coped with it all so well and cope with two lovely children.

Photo: Thank you Lessons Learned In Life.

Talking of storms we are battering down the hatches for Bertha who is arriving

Forecasters say Bertha is expected to take this path

The remains of Hurricane Bertha, which has been travelling across the Atlantic after hitting the Caribbean islands with gusts of more than 90 mph and leaving thousands of homes without power, are expected to arrive tomorrow.

Rays Blog

So many people have had rain today. Very tropical rain.












the road to coventry, the A14.

We have been so lucky by the look of it and we were able to get out to walk Louis.

But we are being told to get ready! The Met Office has issued a Yellow Warning as the remains of Hurricane Bertha sets its sights on Kent –

FLOOD wave

THE Met Office has issued a severe weather warning with forecasters predicting winds of up to 60mph and rainfall of more than 50mm.

The forecast for this afternoon includes heavy, slow-moving showers with a risk of hail and thunderstorms.

Forecasters are warning the remains of Hurricane Bertha could hit the South East this Sunday.

Winds along the coast are expected to reach up to 60mph along with large waves.

Read more:
So that sounds really horrific and only time will tell if we do get this.

We are trying to work on my second book but its a long process as so much has happened since my last book. We must do it but I expect when its winter and cold we will not be interrupted by the gardening.

Much to my embarrassment I have had to contact a gardener to come and price up clearing roots as we must make it easier for ourselves. This week has taught us that we are not really capable of working this hard.

When we were younger and 5 years ago we had the strength but that has gone since I have been ill and Ray had a heart attack.

We should have gone to Cheltenham to a Mesowarriors reunion but I had to drop out as we was having to travel to Slough for our family to have the dog go onto Chaltenham. Drive home Sunday to Kent then travel to Marsden Sutton Monday travel home again. Then travel to Slough Wednesday then go up to the Malvern Camping show.

All to much for Ray and just not fair.

So we are home when the other warriors are enjoying a great laugh.

I will enjoy looking at all the photos.

I did have a funny message on Facebook though it read like this

I cant believe this my Facebook Friend has messaged me the following im so sure it must be a hacker but just shows never to fall for it.

Mavis are you there —Not fine here with my family

Me –Oh dear whats going on x

We came down here to Lozova, Ukraine for a short vacation to visit a resort and we got mugged at gun point last night.

Me—Sorry but what are you doing there in these troubled times. How awful for you. Are you Ok -will you come home ???

All cash,credit cards and mobile phone were stolen from us. thank God we still have our passport ID with us, It’s was a terrible experience.

Me—I bet but you are lucky not to be hurt –Oh you poor thing xxx

We’ve been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all,our flight leaves today and We’re having problems settling the hotel bills, Please i need your help.
how can I help your so far away I need a loan of £400 from you. I will refund the money back to you once we get home.

Me —Oh please Jan you must be in contact with so many of your friends please ask them xx Oh dear end of conversation and account deleted. Yes it was a scam —very strange.

So I have had a very quiet day, maybe I have had to much on my mind with the results of my scan looming. I feel good but you cant help the worry of a scan. It is a time that I go quiet and just read what is happening on facebook to try and forget. I have don a pile of ironing and some more washing to get ready for next week as that is going to be such a busy week.

Rays Blog

After waking up at 3.30am I had such a problem getting sleep after that but on Facebook there are so many friends that are not sleeping. I wonder why this is.

The sun came up and the Seagulls flew over so the day had begun.

I caught up on all my groups and chatted to friends and then got a shower.

I went into the garden to just do a little gardening but have managed to do so much. Cleared all the summer plants as they seem to be going into winter mode very early. I think this is predicticting a long cold winter. We will have to wait and see if that works out to be true. I hope not.








Thanks Ray I really didnt know  you had taken this.

We took Louis out for a run still and he has had a great day in the garden barking at the gate.

So now all I have to do is tidy up the patio garden when they have finished with the water leak part.

We have stayed home this weekend so as to catch up with the garden and tomorrow I have a pile of ironing to do to get ready for next week.

It has pored hard at Deal as a neighbour told us she had been there today so tomorrow is supposed to be very bad but Sunday is the day

[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

Bertha is on her way to really disrupt our summer.

Dast news letter has an article I was invited to write to explain how I came to be on Facebook with the Mesowarriors. Also there is a good Article about Asbestos in Schools.

Well Im tired and worn out as I have really pushed myself to finish the garden so Im off to bed to rest and tomorrows another day.

goodnight 1
















Rays Blog

Photo: This little man is sending you a hug for great scan results xxxx all the way from Brighton xxx

This lovely photo was put on my Facebook wall by my warrior friend with the message -

This little man is sending you a hug for great scan results xxxx all the way from Brighton xxx

That cheered me up xx

What a day. We set off for the Royal Marsden at 6am but I had been up since 4.30am. By the time I had breakfast and a shower

the time went by so fast and we were off as soon as Ray had walked Louis.

It was beginning to rain but as we travelled we went into heavier rain. The spray was bad from the lorries.

We were getting warnings of congestion on the M25 due to emergency repairs just after Clacket Lane and

we soon caught up with the queue of traffic.

We decided to keep going and not have a toilet stop. I prayed I made the right decision.

legs crossed








We went past the obstruction and emergency repairs were being carried out but there were 2 cars there as well.

Anyway we got past and then we had a good journey.

Arriving with a couple who had bought their Motorhome and their dog was staying in it while they went in to their appointment.

They camp at Redhill but gave us the tip if ever we take ours we can only park in the disabled spaces in the front as you loose the turning points higher up when trying to get out.

Inside saw us finding our way to the Scanning Dept where we were seen early. I had the cannula in and given water to drink. this is so the organs show up more.

The lady doing this said ” I have to say this but you look really well. Amazing when you know what is wrong with you.

Hmmm maybe Emmerdale has got the story right and you do look well as Donna does.

Three of us were then ready to go down the stairs to be scanned.So we chatted away and the nice young man with me said he came from

Plymouth and had Lung Cancer that has gone into remission and now broken out in his Liver. He is on a trial now.

A little boy was there with his hair gone. How cruel that one so young was going through Chemo and radiation, bless him my heart went out to him and his parents who were doing everything to calm him and amuse him.

I was soon called in and the Technician was working all on her own. She set it all up and then put the contrast in.

lots of “Breath in and breath out” and I was soon having the Cannula taken out. Now I have to wait until

Monday on drug day for the result. So different to my other results of waiting over 1 or even 2 months. I like this about trials as the results are always ready earlier.

So that was that. We went and had a coffee in the Cheery Tree cafe and then travelled home. The sun was shinning and life was good.

Did some shopping for the Motorhome and stocked up for Malvern next week.

We finally got home and had a late lunch and took Louis out for a run.

They did come and have filled our hole in which now needs a impact slammer to push the earth down flat so they can relay our slabs.









I did manage to come back from the walk and cut more plants down to tidy the front garden. Im going to do a bit each day now so that gradually the whole garden will be winter tidy.

mrs brown

My friend Paul Reece Carrington who is a comedian and who lost his Father to Mesothelioma has posted a photo of Mrs Brown

He asked ” Do you know what these to people have in common except both just being comedians?
We, both myself and Brendan aka Agnes Brown both lost our fathers to what is about to become the biggest occupational industrial killer work related cancer “mesothelioma” !

Its good to have such high profile people in our midst as they can raise awareness so much better than us when we need help.








Looks so peaceful now but the damage and deaths it has caused doesnt bear thinking about

Canada ex mine
A view of the now abandoned British Canadian open pit asbestos mine (B.C. 1 & B.C. 2 mines) located in Black Lake, Mégantic Co., Québec, Canada.

One of several closed asbestos mines in the Black Lake and Thetford mines region of Québec.

Photo: How things change!

I put this on my wall and Jan Weston answered ” And you will post this again next year xxxxx” Bless her i hope I am.

Rays blog today –Up at 5 am dog walked and out at 6 am off to Marsden. The m25 was horrendous. torrential Rain. Could just about see the lorry in front of you. Then one lane closed for road works. But just after 8 am we arrived. It was a short morning we were all done…


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