A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma– My drug day of Keytruda Trial at The Royal Marsden

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It was so dark when the alarm went off, oh ! dear poor Ray had to take Louis out for a morning walk with a torch.Lucky Louis has a flashing light on his collar.

The traffic was good and the sun rose up and so we were pleased although the sun was so bright it was blinding everyone.

Arrived at the Marsden and booked in.

Lorraine came and got me and Rex was back from his holiday so the staff are all settled in to work to Christmas as thats the next Bank Holiday now.

My bloods were soon taken and I was weighed and blood pressured. So with everything done I went back to the waiting room and waited to see the Doctor. I always wonder which one am i going to see.

The Spanish sweetie or the Greek God Oh no Australian Sam came and called me in and then shut the door err Ray which one did he go in ??

I knocked on the right one and then we had a long chat about just how pleased they are with me and they are really learning from me.

Ketruda is now licensed for melanoma and they have dropped the MK3475 everyone knows the fancy name Keytruda.

He went in and found my blog so I have another reader to add to my list of doctors and nurses. as A nurse had already said she had found me and read all that I had written. I dont always write medical as you know I like to do a bit about what I have done to show life is normal for us. I like to also write about Asbestos and Mesothelioma as they have taken over my life and I campaigns so hard for both.

With my examination over and we all agree I’m doing well after 33 drug days 15 months.

We went and got a coffee and our cake. Now I started to get that whoosy feeling. I had made arrangements to meet a mesowarrior who was in a ward for chemo today but I went to the ward and he hadn’t arrived yet. We went back to my waiting room and that feeling started again. I went to the loo and was sick and then felt fine again.

Its really looking like the Latte that is not agreeing with me? We are going to try and  experiment and next time take our own drink and a sandwich and just see if that is the problem.How strange that I only get the feeling on drug day. is it the getting up so early, we will see.

After 11.30 we went back to the chemo ward and I met a lovely warrior. Diagnosed in july he is at the beginning of his journey. Lucky he lives in Sutton so he is so handy to get there and so very lucky.

He was having trouble with veins so after the needle found no blood he had to have the heating treatment. the yellow bucket of hot water, Oh i remember it well.

After a lovely chat with him and his brother, who was keeping him company today, Ray and I said goodbye and back to the waiting room.

It was very busy there and everyone has been chatting away. Lots of laughing I do find the patients are so lovely. Having cancers doesn’t mean they are so miserable. There is so much laughter amongst them selves and also with the Nurses.

This is a wonderful hospital and everyone that works there are so kind and lovely.


This is part of my team as I finally was called in as my drug was ready.They have been with me from the start and are so caring. i do adore them and admire their devotion to the job.

Its amazing that the hospital has to raise so much charity money.

Professor Ian Smith and Mr Stuart James are taking on Le Cure de France in September 2015

After the success of the inaugural Le Cure de France – a cycle challenge that took on some of the Tour de France’s toughest and most iconic climbs – in 2014, Les Curistas are retuning this September (September 9th – 13th) to raise more money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Professor Ian Smith, Head of the Breast Unit at The Royal Marsden, completed the route last year with the friends and family of his patient, Marianne Butler, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Together they raised over £130,000, which funded a Research Fellow at the hospital to carry out a study to identify cancer DNA in blood.

Professor Smith said: “Last year’s four day ride through the Alps was a memorable experience for all of us who took part and I am really looking forward to this year’s ride.

“Apparently we are going to have to cycle further and higher than last year which will be a challenge, but it will be worthwhile given the enormous sums of money that my fellow cyclists and their friends are raising for our Breast Cancer Research Programme.”

This year, more than 60 cyclists are taking part in the event over five days, including Professor Smith and Tour rookie Mr Stuart James, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Royal Marsden.

– See more at: https://www.royalmarsden.org/fundraising-news?=&storyid2517=320&ncs2517=3#sthash.egMU0SIK.dpuf

A tandem skydive at one of our parachute days

This is what the staff do all the time. Raise money for Charity.

http://www.royalmarsden.org/who-we-are Who we are. Imagine a future beyond cancer. At The Royal Marsden we’re dedicated to making this happen. We’re a world-leading cancer centre who pioneer new treatments that save lives. Support The Royal Marsden and you’re investing in a future beyond cancer for you and for everyone you know. – See more at: http://www.royalmarsden.org/who-we-are#sthash.4BZX4FOv.dpuf

Drug all in we came home at 3pm brilliant it makes so much difference and the traffic was good so we sailed home.

Rays Blog

It was Marsden day. need I say more. Doctors are in awe of mavis progress. He said today its fantastic for you mavis and its really really great news for us that we have a patient like you doing so remarkable on this trial. Long may it ccontinue. Well Ill go along with that,. Our journey up and back was good for a change.



2 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma– My drug day of Keytruda Trial at The Royal Marsden

  1. So brave May is .Do not know where you get your energy . Your work with asbestos and mesothelioma is inspiring and interesting to someone who works in the industry. I have just been diagnosed with copd smoking related but been off the fags just over 2 years . Now lose some weight and start exercising to get fit . Hope all is as well as can be expected and keep up your great work you are an inspiration. Take care

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