A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living with Mesothelioma — I have recovered from last weeks travelling and Excitement. RIP my wonderful Paris

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I have been so exhausted after all the excitement of last week. Ray was good and kept his going


He has suffered so much with his teeth and I have had to make sure I served very soft dishes. Stews and pot roasts, mashed potatoes, soups. It has been time consuming as he then took ages to eat.

It has got better and better.

Hazmat Professionals Foundation's profile photoI have been working hard to set up the HazMat Foundation Face Book. Setting up what info to put on it. It all takes time to build things up and to answer so many questions about the Foundation.

Im amazed and please at how it has been accepted so far. ( Well by most, there was always going to be some doubters ) But most people are pleased that Im the Patron. Understanding what we have in mind I thought would be hard to explain but people have been very kind.

The web Page is on its way and once that is set up we can cascade.

Most of all The young men are making friends with me and are even sending their problems on site. Even problems of HSE there is a whole new world of problems when it comes to stripping out the asbestos.

I would love to  go on site and work with the equipment to really learn from the operative point of view.

I hope I have many years as Im at a very important part of my life. I need time to make changes.

There is fun time as a plan is being put in place to make a video.

Australia made a great one.

At first I thought Cheek!! making asbestos fun but then I watched and the point comes right across.

I have found a very devoted Partner in all this When Steph and I became friends on face book. We then found we had the same passion for keeping the young people safe that worked in the Asbestos Stripping Industry.

She wrote

Many of you have asked what I’ve been up to…. those of you who know me well will know how passionate I am about educating others to the dangers of asbestos. After loosing a dear friend to mesothelioma (an asbestos related cancer) I decided to create an Asbestos Charity where other asbestos victims could benefit amongst several other areas. So here it is: HazMat Professionals Foundation. Our Patron is the amazing Mavis Nye. Please share far and wide. Ask us about fundraising…https://m.facebook.com/HazmatProsFoundation/

This is one half of  HazMat Professional as the other half is  the real working side.

Steph has written

you can join an organisation that will take away all your pains. Better working conditions? You got it. Increased safety – we got that too. Better rates of pay? – yep you guessed. You asked, we created. From next week you can register your interest.

The Web page should be live by the end of next week for all to see.
We will act as advocates for the workers, ensuring safety and better working conditions.

This is what has been so exciting. Being at the beginning of something so new.

My Dream is coming true and I will leave a legacy. Something I wanted to do and never knew if it was possible.

I have said to Ray I have always said, that your life is mapped out. Boy! is this proving true. I feel as if I’m not in charge of my life but my life is in charge of me. I just go with the flow. What is around the corner? I don’t know but what ever it is I feel it is all good and is what someone or something has planned for me.

I have to mention today the awful killings in My wonderful City of Paris. I love Paris as we have had so many great romantic times there. We never stay in huge hotels but small home like Places where we have lived with the Parisians in very arty places.

Little restaurants and streets of shops where the owners come out and wash the pavements every day.

The traffic waking up ans people off to work.

Now the streets are rivers of blood. 120 people are dead . I’m so sorry and send my love to the poor families that have had the news this morning that their loved ones are not coming home.

A poem written sums it all up xx

Blood In Paris – Poem by Akhtar Jawad

Alas! The city of love and fine arts,
the city of romantic lovely hearts,
where in the bosom is a pink rose flower,
the amazing and enchanting Eiffel Tower,
the blue perfume of Evening in Paris,
the winds feel proud on dancing in Paris
where art promotes love, peace and romance,
where one is free to sing and dance,
where couples forget all their fears,
where coral smiles can wipe the tears,
wherever I look I see beauty-abundance,
smiling colors and dancing fragrance,
that inspire the brush, that inspire the pen,
who are the extremists, are they men?
What’s their faith, do they believe in ethics,
No, they’re satanic tools, in fact,
I can only condemn, that’s how I react!


2 thoughts on “A Diary of a Mesowarrior Living with Mesothelioma — I have recovered from last weeks travelling and Excitement. RIP my wonderful Paris

  1. You are such an inspiration to us all… A beautiful person that I am honored to know… Much love I send to Paris. A place that I wish to visit someday…Love Tina….

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