A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -Scan Results Have Really Shocked

We got to the Royal Marsden very smoothly not much of a hole up.I was having bloods done early and waiting for the Doctor in no time.

It was scan result day and so we sat waiting. Well I didn’t need to get a print off this time. There is no active Mesothelioma in my Lungs.

The tumours are there but there is no active Mesothelioma in them.

We couldn’t take that in, there was a silence and we just looked at one another.

The Doctor said had we any questions and I didn’t but I have now. I know I can keep emailing and asking

I Still stay on the trial that goes on until May 2016 but we have to be careful that the Drug doesn’t cause  any Inflammation on my lungs. I do get out of breath but he said it will be like when I first lost my breath, really difficult.

Any of the organs could have inflammation so I will keep my eyes out for any trouble.

Also the Immune system will work in a way that it recognises the mesothelioma as an enemy and  attacks it building up a little army that remembers when it see the Mesothelioma again and attacks. So the effects last a long time and stops any tumours from progressing again.

Being honest and saying that the treatment has worked for you and currently there is no active meso but there is still a long way to go  to getting a cure for this terrible disease but this is a step in the right direction I do remind people that treatment unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone. We mustn’t give false hope. But We can give hope xx

So I’m still very lonely in the UK and the only Meoswarrior but hopefully they will get the Phase 3 going in the New year.

We walked away to the waiting room to try and get our minds around it all and then went to the Restaurant but I wasn’t really Hungary.

Back in the waiting room and we didn’t have to wait long  and soon called because the drug was ready. There was lots of laughter and cuddles as each person heard the news.

That was it the drug in me again we set off for home where I told a few friends and than my Son and DIL who are as shocked as we are. We have been through so much in 7 years come February.

I felt very weird in the car and fell asleep. On waking I did feel so much better.

My son says we will crack open a Bottle when we visit tomorrow.

We did Secret Santa Draw on Skype tonight with my Crazy friends,

sisters that make us laugh so much .

Its been a very happy day if a little shocking xx

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10 thoughts on “A Diary Of A Mesowarrior Living With Mesothelioma -Scan Results Have Really Shocked

  1. That really is the best news ever we are so pleased words can,’t express how happy we are for you. You don’t know us but we have seen you at the last 2 annual meso meetings and have been so impressed by your talks and all that you are doing for mesothelioma. My husband has it and is hoping to go on a trial next year we think it will be the 3rd phase for keytruda but don’t know a date yet. Keep on fighting and being healthy,
    Best wishes
    Val and Tony Wilcock

  2. Oh Mavis and Ray how lovely to read your blog. What a lot you’ve been through in the last seven years. The news is breath taking, really….as I found myself holding mine until I’d finished reading. So incredible and thrilling yet tinged with apprehension as you face each new day, daring not to be too excited for what maybe round the corner. You are so brave, strong and have such HOPE in you. The great thing is that medical science has gained so much from your bravery. God Bless you both. Do hope to see you before too long. Much love and admiration xxxx

  3. Mavis,

    This is wonderful news!! I’m so pleased for you.

    Also wanted to say, that I saw your note on Facebook about your daughter – that must be so hard for you, I know I can’t imagine it fully.

    Much love

  4. fabulous news Mavis – an inspiration to all of us, and while we know it doesn’t work for everyone, never underestimate the power of hope. Delighted for you both- keep leading the way and let’s hope for a phase 3 mesothelioma trial in the New year- make sure you keep us all posted with any news.
    Enjoy the wet and windy weather

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